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League Seasons
League Seasons
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The Cville SC Giffenliga 

Players compete in Round Robin Play, no set number of rounds of round robin play

  • Format: 15 minutes halfs, no overtime.  A player may not win a game by more than 4 goals. 
  • New Players: New players are given a 1 goal buffer each round.  This goal can be added to any game of their choice before a game in that round.  *this rule was added after the first round was already conducted
  • Champion: A champion will be crowned at the end of the summer before everybody goes off to college. 

CvilleSC Cup:
The CvilleSC Cup will crown a tournament champion.  The CvilleSC Cup will be a single-elimination tournament.
  • Format:  Two 15 minute halves, two 5 minute overtime periods NOT golden goal (if necissary), Shootout. 
  • Seeding:  The seeding for this tournament will be based upon the final Giffenliga standings