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>New Season
May 27, 2009
In preparation for the 2009 ASA National tournament, the CvilleSC will kick off the 2009 giffenliga which will take place this summer.  
Written By: Matt Giffen


>CvilleSC Holiday Friendlies
January 5, 2009
Upon return for the winter holidays, the CvilleSC took part in several un-timed friendlies. The play from all four participants Mike Sakell, Matt Giffen, Ben Merkord, and Brian Huffman were all greatly improved.  The highlight of the day came though in the exciting 2 on 2 subbuteo where both teams played great.  The team of Matt and Ben beat the team of Mike and Brian 1-0, then in a second match, the team of Matt and Brian beat Ben and Mike 3-0 with Brian scoring 2 amazing goals.  
The CvilleSC hopes to be in action once more during the break to continue league play or hold the giffenliga tournament. 
Written By: Matt Giffen
>CvilleSC in action in DC
June 17, 2008
After a 2 week break, the CvilleSC will be back in action Wednesday in DC where Mike and Matt will be headed up there to play some friendlies. 
>5th Giffen Cup (mini tournament)
June 11, 2008
Another major step in rebuilding the CvilleSC was the sudden decision to hold a 5th Giffen Cup.  Bringing back the Giffen Cup means revival of old rivalries amongst the people the tournament is named after.  The Giffen Cup conducted with only one 15 minute period due to time constraints saw Andrew Giffen defeating Nick Giffen 1-0 in a very sloppy match as neither competitor has played in over a year.  A similar result came in another poorly played match as Matt scored an own goal on himself giving a 1-0 victory to Alex Giffen.  The finals pitted Andrew against Alex.  With Andrew flicking one of the worst shots in the history of the Giffen Cup, as well as missing one open net oportunity, the game looked to be going towards a 0-0 draw.  However Alex stranded his keeper a second time, allowing Andrew to capitalize and take a 1-0 victory as well as his 4th Giffen Cup. 
written by: Matt Giffen
>CvilleSC lives again!
June 10, 2008
After an abrupt end to the Giffenliga in 2005 with no champion declared, the CvilleSC dissolved.  Now 3 years later, Matt, Mike, and Brian were proud to announce the rebirth of the Charlottesville Subbuteo Club in May of 2008. 
Written by: Matt Giffen
>National Championships
Nick Giffen finished in 4th place in the 2004 ASA National Championship tournament.  He lost 1-0 to Zach Walker in the semifinals in a tight and competitive game.  Gregg Deinhart beat Zach with a golden goal to win 2-1 and claim the National title once again!
Written by: Nick Giffen
>The Giffenliga has started!
The CvilleSC's most important of the three seasons has started, with a surprising 1-0 victory for SaKelltic in their first ever Giffenliga match.  The heavy underdogs put home a shot early and held on the Dutchboy onslaught to maintain the 1-0 win.  Up next for SaKelltic was 2003 Giffenliga runner-up JMUNickh.  Ready for the season to start, Munickh jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead and recorded a 10-1 shot advantage in the first half.  The second half saw SaKelltic score the lone goal, on a long distance shot with little room between the defenders...easily taking goal of the night.  Finally, the two rivals, JMUNickh and RoMatt squared off in a non-thrilling 2-0 match that went the way of the Doockhs.
Written by: Nick Giffen
>4th Annual ASA Giffen Cup: Deinhart stops the Giffen run
WTSL's Gregg Deinhart became the first non-Giffen to win the Giffen Cup taking a 2-1 victory over clubmate Rick Wilcox.  Rick upended Andrew Giffen to prevent the 3 time defending champion from getting the 4-peat.  Rick then came from behind to beat CvilleSC member Nick Giffen 2-1, and at the same time Deinhart ensured no Giffen would win by beating Stephen Giffen by a similar 2-1 score.  Nick claimed 3rd place by virtue of a win over Stephen in the group stage.  CvilleSC's Matt Giffen took home 7th place and the Mary Jane title by knocking off Michael Giffen.  Michael Sakell, CvilleSC's 3rd member, took home a win on the day for his 2nd ever tournament win.
Written by: Nick Giffen
>Nick Giffen claims first title!
Nick Giffen claimed his first ever tournamet title, and second overall for the CvilleSC (Andrew Giffen - 2003 Giffen Cup) with a shootout victory over Rick Wilcox, his first ever win over the ex-national champ.  Opting to take the kickoff, Nick scored 30 seconds into the match, only to see Rick tie it near the end of the half.  Regulation and OT ended 1-1, and even after 5 shootout shots the two were still tied 3-3.  Finally on the first sudden death attempt, Nick made a great diving save with his 'keeper, then scored on his chance to claim victory.  En route to the finals, Nick also recorded his first win over current national champion Gregg Deinhart.
Written by: Nick Giffen

Round 3:
Brian 1-1 Ben
Matt 1-0 Mike
Ben 0-4 Matt
Mike 2-0 Brian
Matt 1-1 Brian
Mike 4-0 Ben
Round 4:
Mike 1-2 Matt
Ben 0-4 Matt
Ben 1-5 Mike
Brian 0-0 Mike
Brian 1-0 Ben
Brian 0-3 Matt
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